Art Events 5&6

13 12 2012

Art Event 5: Full Deck


“Full Deck: A Short History of Skate Art”, Carlsbad Dove Library, 12/4/12


This was one of the coolest art events that I have attended. Not only was I interested in the subject matter, I but I also could relate to the art and have a similar style. The event was one big room that had over 275 skateboards on the walls that were all painted, designed, or appropriated. The boards were categorized on the walls by artist. I pretty much liked every single one. The boards ranged from a realistic painting, to a photograph printed on, to a vector image printed on. There where a bunch of different styles that the artists did, on was for the company Winston Tseng and these boards all were painted in the same style as Pop Art. It reminded me of Andy Warhol. I related to some of the artist and the designs because it looked like they where using illustrator to design some of them. I really like Ian Johnson’s piece that consisted of four skate boards lined up at a slight incline that had a painting in each one of the well-known houses in San Francisco. They way he used layers to create his image was inspiring to me. It reminded me of the vector portrait assignment and I was influenced by how he did his and tried to use a similar technique when doing the assignment, even though I am creating an image of my face and he created buildings. I did not find any flaws or anything to complain about this art even. It was one of my favorites and was super inspiring and I felt that I walked away with some new ideas to change my style while using illustrator.


Art Event 6: Facing West/ Looking East


“Facing West/ Looking East”, 12/4/12


This was a good museum exhibit, not one of my favorites but it had very interesting pieces in it. It was all about Contemporary Asian art. It ranged from photographs, paintings, videos, drawings, sculptures, to multimedia. While walking through, I stopped at the very first photo for like 10 minutes because it stopped me. It was by Kim MacConnel and was consisted of three “C” prints that were all layered and placed at different angels so they didn’t line up. Around all three of them was a black boarder that put them in place, like a frame. What interested me was how all three photos were taken of the same image (of the inside of a room) but they all had different perspectives and viewpoints, so when they were next to each other they did not really match. It would be easier to understand if you saw it. Another artist that influenced me was Brian Doan’s multimedia photographs with pen drawings on them. Not only was the photograph he took really clear and good, but his drawings he did on top of them added a good touch to it. The drawings have influenced me because I liked the design and symmetry of them. He drew a bird and inside of the feathers was patterns and designs not just a full color. One thing that I did not like about this exhibit was a group of photos taken by Elizabeth Bryant. I actually did not like her photos that much and they did not seem to fit in with the rest of the exhibit. Her photos were of a jungle or wilderness with a superimposed photo on top of it. It just seemed super random and I didn’t see the connection with other artist in this exhibit. Other than this artist I really enjoyed walking through and seeing these artist.




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