Art Event 7-9

14 12 2012

Art Event 7: Quilt Nation

“Quilt Nation”, 12/4/12, Oceanside Museum of Art

Out of all the museums and art events that I have gone to in my life time, this was the first time that went to a exhibit dedicated entirely to the art medium of quilting. When I found out that it was there I kind of was laughing because I have never thought about quilting as being art. It turned out to be a good exhibit for the most part. I had no idea what someone could make by quilting. Some of them put in so much design into their pieces. They would use the stitching to make lines and cloth to fill with color. There were many arts that influenced me with there work because of the design, layout, color combination, and symmetry. My favorite artwork was made by Mary E. Stoudt and it was called “Equilibrium”. This was a really good piece, and influenced me. The thing that stood out the most to me first was the colors. The color combination I think really made the piece. Also the structure design that she had was interesting, it consisted of lines of a grid and some of the squares were morphed and blown out.

Equilibrium Picture 1


Art Event 8: The Beauty In the Beast

“The Beauty In the Beast: Crafting Creatures by Neville Page” Oceanside Museum of Art, 12/4/12

This art event was cool because it gave background information about how some of the science fiction creatures were created. All the Creatures came from movies such as Prometheus, Tron Legacy, Super 8, and Green Lantern. It said he created some the characters by using traditional medium of drawing, with Photoshop and Zbrush to create the fantastic exotic creatures. It interested me when a flyer described the exhibit it told some background of the artist. His view on creating the images was by creating mythical anatomy with believable surface detail, and adding behavior and individual personality all incorporated into the image, gives and tells a sense of motion that would be used in the film. What I took away from this event was the time and dedication the artist took to put so much realistic detail into the image. I was puzzeled on how detailed they were and tried to figure out how he managed to do it.


Art Event 9: Oceanside Surf Museum

Oceanside Surf Museum, 12/4/12

I have always wanted to visit this museum, obviously because I am a surfer, but because I really love surf heritage and learning about the past and progression of surf, and in that the surf art from photography to paintings to adds. The thing that I saw first was the design and layout that they had for all the pieces of art and information. It was made to be really structured, by having information about an image line up with the image, and how all of it had symmetry in it. It is easier to understand if you saw it. Some of the photographs that I saw were very inspiring and had meaning in them by how they were shot. On photo that I found was very cool was a photo taken by Aaron Chang of Malina Jones. It was a underwater photo of her duckdiving under a massive wave. The colors of the photo were changed, the wave was made red as she was a purple tinted color. I found this photo to be inspiring and influenced me. It made me want to go but a underwater camera, but unfortunately they cost way too much money that I don’t have right now.

Aaron Chang


Vector Final

14 12 2012




Art Events 5&6

13 12 2012

Art Event 5: Full Deck


“Full Deck: A Short History of Skate Art”, Carlsbad Dove Library, 12/4/12


This was one of the coolest art events that I have attended. Not only was I interested in the subject matter, I but I also could relate to the art and have a similar style. The event was one big room that had over 275 skateboards on the walls that were all painted, designed, or appropriated. The boards were categorized on the walls by artist. I pretty much liked every single one. The boards ranged from a realistic painting, to a photograph printed on, to a vector image printed on. There where a bunch of different styles that the artists did, on was for the company Winston Tseng and these boards all were painted in the same style as Pop Art. It reminded me of Andy Warhol. I related to some of the artist and the designs because it looked like they where using illustrator to design some of them. I really like Ian Johnson’s piece that consisted of four skate boards lined up at a slight incline that had a painting in each one of the well-known houses in San Francisco. They way he used layers to create his image was inspiring to me. It reminded me of the vector portrait assignment and I was influenced by how he did his and tried to use a similar technique when doing the assignment, even though I am creating an image of my face and he created buildings. I did not find any flaws or anything to complain about this art even. It was one of my favorites and was super inspiring and I felt that I walked away with some new ideas to change my style while using illustrator.


Art Event 6: Facing West/ Looking East


“Facing West/ Looking East”, 12/4/12


This was a good museum exhibit, not one of my favorites but it had very interesting pieces in it. It was all about Contemporary Asian art. It ranged from photographs, paintings, videos, drawings, sculptures, to multimedia. While walking through, I stopped at the very first photo for like 10 minutes because it stopped me. It was by Kim MacConnel and was consisted of three “C” prints that were all layered and placed at different angels so they didn’t line up. Around all three of them was a black boarder that put them in place, like a frame. What interested me was how all three photos were taken of the same image (of the inside of a room) but they all had different perspectives and viewpoints, so when they were next to each other they did not really match. It would be easier to understand if you saw it. Another artist that influenced me was Brian Doan’s multimedia photographs with pen drawings on them. Not only was the photograph he took really clear and good, but his drawings he did on top of them added a good touch to it. The drawings have influenced me because I liked the design and symmetry of them. He drew a bird and inside of the feathers was patterns and designs not just a full color. One thing that I did not like about this exhibit was a group of photos taken by Elizabeth Bryant. I actually did not like her photos that much and they did not seem to fit in with the rest of the exhibit. Her photos were of a jungle or wilderness with a superimposed photo on top of it. It just seemed super random and I didn’t see the connection with other artist in this exhibit. Other than this artist I really enjoyed walking through and seeing these artist.


Art Events 1-4

13 12 2012


Mediamakers presents the FESTIVAL OF (IN)APPROPRIATION, November 28th, at 5.30-8.00pm in ARTS 240.

This art event was a screening of contemporary short audiovisual works that appropriate film or video footage and repurpose it in “inappropriate” and inventive ways. I really liked viewing this event. There were a bunch of different clips of collage, compilation, and recycling media to end up with interesting new perspective on the original media. One of the things I remember about the event was how one of the short clips shown was very creepily put together of stop animation and what seemed to be drawings. One thing that has influenced my own work was mostly coming from the audio side. I liked how some of the videos had to have sound put into them and recorded separate, and also there was one film that made the video to match the sound that I found inspiring. One flaw that I found and was confusing to me was one of the films had put together a few minutes of just the sounds of only the robots, and what I found as a flaw was that it didn’t seem to have a story or back bone behind it. Other than that film I found the event to be good and would recommend going. I was thinking how hard it would be to edit some of the videos that where shown and I gained more respect for the editor for how much time they must put into it.

Art Event 2: “Se busca Juan Rana”

November 9th: “Se busca Juan Rana”, Spanish Theater, Arts 111

This was an interesting art event that I saw on campus with my Spanish class. It was a Spanish theater with actors that travel around performing this play. The whole performance was spoken in Spanish. I am learning Spanish right now so I did not know a lot about the play, and they spoke faster than I could translate it in my head. Even though I only understood a little bit of it, the crowd’s reactions also gave me a little knowledge of what was happening. One thing that I took away from seeing the event was by forcing myself to see a play in a different language was contributing to my learning experience. I did not really find anything that would affect my own work after seeing the film. I don’t know how to write a screen play, and the visual image of watching the play does not change my art style. Watching the performance might have influenced my work with videos, but because I was trying to figure out what they were saying the whole time, I did not really watch it in a critiquing mode. After it, I did discover that watching it was helping me learn Spanish. I learned something and gained some respect for the actors because I realized how many sentences they have to remember, then act it out at the same time. I did not find any flaw with the play.


Art Event 3: Tijuana Jews

Tijuana Jews” NOV 19 @ 6 pm in ARTS 240

This was another Spanish film that the director Issac Artenstein won the best documentary at the San Francisco International Latino Film Festival in 2005. The film was about blending the Jewish and Mexican customs and cultures. It gets details of events that happened to people of that time with interviews with them. It was interesting learning about how these cultures mixed and also because I recognized some place they talked about. I like this film over the play because it had subtitles so I could understand it and learn from it. When I was watching it, I started analyzing how the film was edited together, the voice over that the narrator has, and say things that I was learning about in VSAR 303 and 308. I took some of these skills in and tried to learn to use similar ones. A flaw that I found in the documentary was that some of the voice recordings were not very clean or sounded far away. They could have gotten better sound recordings, and I think it would make the film even better.

Art Event 4: Kassim the Dream

Kassim the Dream, NOV 27 @ 5:30 pm in ARTS 240

From all of the many arts and lectures events and museums that I went to this semester, “Kassim the Dream” was my favorite.            The film was a documentary film directed by Davidson, and was about the life of Ugandan boxer that won a world title in boxing. The boxer Kassim Ouma had a incredible back story. He was born in Uganda and at the age of six he was taken from his mother, father, family and friends by the rebel army to be brainwashed into being a child soldier. While he was captured he was forced to do horrifying acts from torturing innocent people, killing people, training other kids to do as he did, and more. In the army he found there was a boxing team and he quickly found boxing as a form of freedom. Soon after he left Africa and fled to America where he started his career in boxing. He had no money but made his way up to be a champion. The story is filled with emotional ties that Kassin has with his past and blames himself for his father’s death. I really enjoyed this movie and it totally blew away my expectations. I don’t really like boxing movies but because of the background story and the way the director created the audience to be emotionally connected to the film really drew me in. Also I have been to Africa and have learned about what happened over there so I had a little relation in aspects to the child soldiers and the genocide. The directory really made me get interested in the film and made me cheer on

As the movie was filmed I caught myself watching the film in an editorial sense. I was looking at the transitions, b roll, and how he filmed the subject matter. I felt like I learned some from this. I tried to figure out his technique in drawing in the audience but I could not figure it out and it seems to be a little harder than I thought. At some points in the film, I really wanted to know what Kassim was like off camera because he seemed to like being on camera. I do not really have any complaints about the film except after the film was screened I did not really like the director when he was talking and answering questions. He seemed a little cocky and I don’t want to say he used Kassim but it kind of sound like he did. Overall I like the film was great and everyone should see it, I already recommended it to some people.



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Jimi photo that I altered a little with vectors


10 12 2012

Tinting cardstinting 2

Ele Fonts

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Double Meaning #2

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double meaning 2

Double Meaning

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